Specialist Information

Are you a specialist interested in providing services at Miami Private Hospital?

Miami Private Hospital is a Boutique Environment for Surgeons

Our independent management group at Miami Private Hospital allows for your needs to be catered for and your patients to enjoy a unique customer service experience.

We have a highly skilled, professional team that ensures that your experience working with us, and that of your patient, are memorable for all the right reasons. At Miami Private Hospital we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional medical outcomes, as well as quality clinical care, and we know that surgeons are a huge part of this delivery process to patients.

As well as offering three (3) operating theatres with state-of-the-art surgical technology, we can also offer surgeons a full practice management option, including consulting space, surgical list space and complete management of administration and medical staffing requirements. We can guide you through recruitment and HR requirements for your practice, and will ensure that you have a great team to help move your practice forward.

The Gold Coast Medical Conference and Skills Centre is located on-site at Miami Private Hospital and is the ideal location for hosting conferences, seminars and webinars, with the ability to live-stream from the operating theatres to present practical experiences to GP’s and Allied Health Professionals.

Surgeons choose Miami Private Hospital so that their patients receive the highest quality of care in the most compassionate environment.

Our current specialties include:

  • Urology
  • Endovascular Surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Pain Management
  • Fluoroscopy Services
  • Plastic Surgery

Contact us today to find out more about providing services at Miami Private Hospital and theatre space availability.